Plan sponsors and consultants want the manager to focus on investments, therefore, we provide full service sales and marketing support.

We believe the foundation of a successful marketing plan is to provide complete and accurate information for database questionnaires and RFPs.

Often, answers and statistics are not simply black or white. We are very good at handling the gray areas, because numbers do not tell the whole story.

Our Services Include:

Highlight Manager's Strengths and Uniqueness

  • Develop/write detailed product and process narratives
  • In-depth performance attribution on fundamental factors; not just stock and sector selection
  • Universe comparisons and analysis

Create Marketing Presence

  • Produce high quality institutional marketing materials
  • In-house control on all RFPs, RFIs, and database questionnaires to ensure consistency of message
  • Public relations

Execute Sales Plan

  • Call directly on asset pools >$500 million that utilize external managers
  • Call on consultants and intermediaries of all sizes and in all locations
  • Schedule and attend meetings

Closing New Business

  • Advise on contracts and fee negotiations
  • Client service support

Our fees include a retainer and incentive for assets raised.

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